Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Victoria » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:08 am

The group, Friends of Frame Park, had to file several open records requests to obtain information on the controversial subject of building a 2,500 to 3,500 seat stadium in our public central city park.

The group, Friends of Frame Park, had to hire legal council to twist the arms of city officials to release a proposed Frame Park Lease Agreement that has been in the works for almost a year.

The Friends of Frame Park had to reach out to the DNR to bring forth details on LAWCON regulations that are in place to protect the integrity of Frame Park and that are in jeopardy right now.

The Friends of Frame Park have been pushing for public meetings to review the 2017 work the City Administrator and Park and Rec Director have been doing to accommodate the concept of a large baseball stadium in Frame Park.

After months and months of work by Friends of Frame Park to bring this matter into public view, there is currently nothing on any city agenda that would do so.

Alderman and Park and Rec committee member Dean Lemke, commented last week at the common council meeting that when he tried to bring this subject up at the Park and Rec meeting he was told by Park and Rec Director Ron Grall that because the subject wasn’t on the agenda, it couldn’t be discussed. When Alderman Lemke asked what it would take to get it on the agenda, he was stone-walled by the director.

Now we hear that Common Council President Aaron Perry will be holding an off-site baseball rally this week that will feature City Administrator Kevin Lahner and Big Top Baseball representatives.

Is this the city’s idea of open and transparent government?
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Ron Kading » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:24 am

District 12 has a web site that someone started to comment about Frame Park. Many have asked alderman Perry for some details about the proposal. His answers are always the same, vague and to call him to talk. His responses also keep telling everyone that his "town hall" meeting will be attended by Lahner, and Big Top officials, so all the facts will be presented at that time. I have posted several things and his response is that they are not accurate and that I am accusing him of lying. Yesterday I posted the latest proposal and I could not believe his over the top replies.
You be the judge.

I would like to clear up a misconception about Frame Park. We welcome baseball and Big Tops effort to do that. However, not in Frame park. There are several other locations in Waukesha that are better suited for this type of venture. This effort has been led by our City Administrator and the Common Council President, Alderman Perry. I have been part of this effort to save the park. There are a very concerned group of Waukesha taxpayers that have formed the “Save Frame Park” FB page. We have collected many pages of signatures of residents who, like us are trying to save this local landmark. Several of us, including members of the Frame family, have started legal action against the city. This legal action is to protect the deed restrictions that the Frames put in place to keep Frame park a public park. I would hope that everyone looks at our FB page and the comments from many, like us, who want to save this local landmark for future generations.
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Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry, Rivers Crossing·4d ago
Again, a lot of the above is just not true. Very disappointing. I really hope we can at some time stick to facts and not mislead people for a misguided purpose.
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Jackie Tate
Jackie Tate, Woodfield·4d ago
Thanks Ron! Great information.
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Alicia Silva
Alicia Silva, Fox Point·4d ago
So what are the facts regarding the proposal ,Aaron Perry?
Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry, Rivers Crossing·4d ago
I'll speak on everything at meetings, my town hall meeting and FB live. It is important to communicate proper context as well as factual content. It isn't fun being lied about so I will ensure everything is corrected properly.
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Rozsa Keller
Rozsa Keller, Rose Glen·3d ago
Thanks Ron. I did my own research, liked and shared the Save Frame Park page.
Judith Ball
Judith Ball, Rivers Crossing·2d ago
Alderman Perry, not all of us can attend your meetings. I, for instance, caregive my mother. As a member of this rivers crossing site, I would greatly appreciate any of your views that you can share with those of us who have no other way of communicating our thoughts and questions. I love the Riverwalk, try to go there daily for a respite/exercise, love the serenity, love meeting and greeting individuals and families on my walks, and was very disturbed by all of the noise… I think it was boombox noise… on the baseball field during the construction this fall. That kind of noise disturbs the entire beauty and nature of what the Frames intended to preserve for all of us. (God Bless them). We all know it’s not going to get any better when we have the traffic, the parking, the shouting, cheering, loud-speaker music, and the list goes on and on. I doubt that any benefit to the City will trump these detriments.
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Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry, Rivers Crossing·2d ago
Thanks Judith. Once I have all the information needed and have heard from others after that I'll have a view but its too early for me to have a position.

The meetings available will be the town hall, park/rec, finance, plan commission and council. Likely another public meeting on just this topic. Town hall meeting is likely to be recorded, anyone is welcome to do so. All the others are recorded except for park/rec. So if you are unable to attend any of them you can still view them online when it works for your schedule.

The schedule of meetings, agenda and video are all at this link. Hope that helps.
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The latest proposal is posted
Ron Kading, Rivers Crossing·20h ago
This is the latest proposal from the city and Big Top. I expect a response from our alderman that this is not the final draft, however, this is the latest that has been released from the city. From the previous proposals there is not much difference from this one. I also stand by my posts that have been called inaccurate and just not true. Read this proposal, do the math, and you too will come to the same conclusion. Facts are facts.
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Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry, Rivers Crossing·20h ago
True. Not a final draft. The process of negotiation and seeing the actual exibits has now begun. The public will have ample opportunity for input before votes are made. Still starts with the town hall I promised I would have. Its January 17th and will have the Big Top owners there as well as the City Admin and others. This is the first of several mtgs to listen, understand and ask about the subject and details.
Ron Kading
Ron Kading, Rivers Crossing·19h ago
Just so we understand, this town hall meeting on the 17th is not a public meeting that is part of the approval process as required by law. It is simply a meeting sponsored by our alderman in an attempt to sell us on what a great deal this is.
Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry, Rivers Crossing·19h ago
I planned this mtg 2 months ago and invited every level of government to speak. It isn't a sell on anything, it isn't a rally. Any words otherwise are not correct and disrespectful. 8 people are taking time out of their evening to invite the public to listen and ask questions. Network and connect the community. I'm getting tired of being lied about and the constant talking points Mr. Kading. Let's help inform our friends and neighbors with accuracy rather than push an agenda that has a lawsuit attached to it. Again, my door always open.
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Ron Kading
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Ron Kading » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:20 pm

For Immediate Release
Public Information Meeting for Frame Park Baseball Field Enhancement Public/Private partnership and Whiterock Redevelopment Area proposal scheduled for January 22

Waukesha – The public is invited to a public informational meeting on the proposed Frame Park
Field Enhancement Public/Private Partnership and the Whiterock Redevelopment Area proposal at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 22 at Waukesha City Hall Council Chambers, 201 Delafield Street. City staff and representatives from Big Top Baseball will present information on the proposed
enhancements to the Frame Park Baseball facility and possible redevelopments along Whiterock

The proposal is being advanced to provide enhancements to the Frame Park baseball stadium
where Carroll University, Waukesha South and Waukesha North currently play along with several
other entities. The unique partnership will provide a long-term enhancement to the park, while
also serving as a catalyst to continue downtown Waukesha redevelopment efforts. The Northwoods League games provide affordable, family friendly entertainment and attract visitors
that will support businesses in our downtown area. Key provisions of the proposal include the
development of a parking plan and the preservation of existing uses at the field. It is important to note that the improvements will be enhancement to the existing field, and will be contained in the current approximate boundary of the baseball field. All other uses of the park will be preserved including the trails, formal gardens and playground areas.

Those attending will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions and/or provide input on the proposal. Following the public informational session, the proposal will be reviewed by the City of Waukesha Finance Committee, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Board and the City Council.

The dates of those meetings are currently scheduled as follows:
Finance Committee: Tuesday, January 30, 6:30 p.m.
Parks Recreation and Forestry Board: Monday, February 19, 6 p.m
Common Council: Tuesday, February 22, 6:30 p.m.

Please note these dates may change if additional information is needed or additional amendments to the proposed use agreement are desired.

Please see below for facts regarding the proposal:
Whiterock Redevelopment Area and Baseball League Facts:
- Big Top Baseball and the City of Waukesha are negotiating a 20-year Use Agreement to improve Frame Park and host Northwoods League Baseball andminor league soccer games.
- Conceptual plans call for the following to bring Frame Park up to the standards of the Northwoods League:

2,500 fixed seats
Hospitality space
Indoor Restrooms
Concession space
Small Retail/Office space
Full turf playing surface
Grass Berm Seating
Dugouts, Fencing and Press Box

- Big Top Baseball would commit $500,000 in capital upfront. The City would fund the remainder of the project. The project is estimated to cost approximately $4.5 million.

- Big Top Baseball would provide a lease payment of $150,000 per year to the City and $25,000 annual contribution to Frame Park improvements outside the stadium.

- Carroll University, Waukesha North High School and Waukesha South High
School would all continue to play at the facility. Current City events including
Fiesta Waukesha and National Night Out would continue to be hosted at the

- Big Top Baseball would employ up to 9 full time and 250 seasonal employees at
the Waukesha location.

- The City is pursuing redevelopment opportunities along the entire Whiterock
Avenue Corridor. We are currently in discussions with two different
development groups about potential redevelopment projects. Additionally, City has supported Habitat for Humanity’s plan to purchase, demolish existing homes and rebuild new homes within this area.

- The Northwoods League and Big Top Baseball are two separate entities. Big Top
Baseball Waukesha currently owns 5 teams – the Kenosha Kingfish, Madison
Mallards, Wisconsin Rapids Rafters, Lakeshore Chinooks and Green Bay Bullfrogs.
They also operate Breese Stevens Field in Madison in a use agreement with the
City of Madison. The Northwoods League is the business entity that runs the
league that the teams Big Top owns play in. They are run by a board of directors
and have executive staff that operate the league.

- According to the City Attorney’s office, there are no deed restrictions on the use
of the baseball field for this purpose. The field will continue to be used by the
public and events benefiting the entire community will continue to be held at the
site. No current users of the baseball field will be displaced.

- If approved, the first Northwoods League game is tentatively scheduled for June 2019
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Victoria » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:10 am

So the plan commission won't be weighing in? the mayor won't disclose his stance? and Lahner, Perry and the mayor don't want the citizens to vote on it in the general election in April? What's left to say?

The City of Waukesha deserves the reputation it has.
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby cg03026 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:57 pm

Sheer insanity. And as of this writing still no content on most of the Exhibits associated with the 18 page contract. Likely wont' see those until the first meeting, giving folks zero time to absorb the contents, if they provide them at all. Exhibit A is Parking and my version is Blank. Exhibit D has some text.

Ald. Perry snidely commented after Ald. Cummings spoke on Jan 4, that some people may have only been in the process for two weeks, but he's been in it a lot longer. Boy is that ever the truth. I feel there has been plenty of activity going on the Perry is aware of that is not been revealed to the public, so sure... he's been working on it much longer than three weeks.

I don't mean to distract from TITTS. But if you want to see what's been going on on Watching Waukesha, check out,
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Victoria » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:04 am

The public meeting schedule for discussions about our park should be amended to include the Redevelopment Authority, after all they are charged with all development and redevelopment efforts in the central city. Just an oversight, I'm sure. :roll:
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Re: Baseball in Frame Park (Again)?

Postby Scott A » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:53 pm

Save Frame Park Fundraiser.JPG
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