Fixture Brewery

Fixture Brewery

Postby Tom Hekkers » Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:42 am


Fixture Brewing serving up suds in downtown Waukesha

By Sarah Pryor
Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – It’s been a long road for Steve Fix, who opened the city’s first brew pub on Clinton Street last December hoping to serve his own beer on tap within weeks.

After seven months of waiting for government permits and additional time tacked on as brewing equipment was installed, Fix is now debuting four original beers on tap with plans for additional brews in the near future.

“Right now I’m basing the flavors on what I like,” said Fix, whose favorite part of brewing beer is getting to drink it. “If I didn’t like to drink beer, I wouldn’t be making it.”

All Fix’s beers have a Waukesha connection, from the Wizard Weiss (a shout out to Les Paul) to the Fox River Red. Those two, along with the ’Sha Shank Stout and the Forward Pass IPA (a nod to the forward pass football play’s origination at Carroll University), are currently on tap at Fixture.

Coming soon, customers can check out a seasonal apple ale called “Wauk of Shame,” and a currently unnamed bourbon barrel ale, a black IPA and a Belgian Saison, which Fix said will include coriander and orange peel, similar to Blue Moon.

Fix’s favorite are the Weiss and the IPA, but he said customers have loved all four.

Fix and his father spent Wednesday boiling wort, adding hops and getting the beer ready to move from the barrels to the fermenting tanks. He said from start to finish, it takes about a month to get each barrel of beer ready to be put on tap.

“It’s a lot of cleaning, which I don’t like, but everything has to be super clean and sanitary,” Fix said. “If not, the beer will go bad and taste just awful.”

Since Fix never had a real grand opening party, he plans to officially celebrate his brews at a kickoff party the weekend before Halloween. He also wants to expand his weeknight lineup, with trivia on Tuesdays, “crazy drink specials” on Thursdays and live music every Friday. On Sundays, Fix offers specials for Packers games.

“Business is definitely better with beer on tap,” he said.

Check out specials at, or by following Fixture on Facebook or Twitter.

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Fixture Brewing already on the way out?

Postby Red Fang » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:06 pm

As seen on the Kool Fool blog: ... srhdJDnaM9

Only one year and already, they've got it on the block for sale.

Never helped that a brewpub didn't have any brewing equipment working for 3-4 months after opening, and having the world's worst attention-drawing signage in front was another minus toward their success.

Considering I recall seeing the building up for sale with the previous bar for an even higher price, I'm assuming that Fixture ended up a money pit and they're needing to unload sooner than later. They sunk a LOT into the redesign (which was not very good overall, too segmented and split up to be cozy or remotely comfortable), the brewing equipment, etc. and perhaps bit off more than they could chew.

Sure would be nice to see someone make a good go of that place, it has potential, but keeps being run by people who think "if you build it, they will come", and they keep missing the mark on things. The Fixture folks seemed like they did their best when they ran it as a good live music venue years back (we are sorely lacking in a good venue that isn't just one more cramped stage in a small bar as are all the others), but who knows what it'll end up like next. Best of luck to whoever takes it over!
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Re: Fixture Brewing already on the way out?

Postby Tom Hekkers » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:03 am

Matt and his sons Steve & Josh put a lot of work into the renovation of Fixture Brewing.

Knowing that access to their business will be restricted for the next 6-8 months due to the reconstruction of Clinton St. may be a contributing factor?

Not to mention restricted access due to the weekly closing of Clinton St. from June - October for the Weekly Street Festival.

Then of course the surface lots are packed with cars of the music festival attendees who are dancing in the streets to the FREE music.

Not to mention there's the "phantom issue" of parking where tenants use prime street parking instead of the parking ramp.


The Horse Emporium - Restricted access & Parking
Sweet Perfections- Restricted access & Parking
Panos Grocery - Restricted access & Parking
American Tattoo - Restricted access, Parking and noise

Does anybody see a pattern?

Not to worry... "there will be others to take their place"
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Re: Fixture Brewery

Postby From the News » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:46 am

From WISN News:

Popular Waukesha brewpub served with search warrant

Affidavit: Fixture Brewing does not have valid brewpub permit
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Re: Fixture Brewery

Postby Victoria » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:36 am

Rumor has it that there is an accepted offer on Fixture Brewery from an architectural firm.

It will be a great fit for our downtown with a new vision for office space in downtown Waukesha.
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